American Indian Things


Old Lakota dancers. This is the time when development of fashion really started to skyrocket. Wearing beautiful clothes was honorable, handsome, and respectable. That’s why I take the time to do my clothes correctly, because there is no honor in wearing clothes, society gear, or paint, that you haven’t earned. Especially if it looks like you made it in a few days because you were too lazy to do the beadwork, quillwork, etc etc. Also if you noticed, none of these people have their faces painted like KISS, or feel the need to wear 10 dead eagles worth of feathers they haven’t earned to decorate themselves. Just because you can’t find someone with the right to paint you with the proper paint song doesn’t mean you can go painting yourself however you want. Where is the honor in that? Where is the honor in wearing dozens of meaningless feathers simply for decoration? We have much more respect for the eagle to start trading and buying their tails out for decorations.

Keepin’ the integrity of my culture preserved one post at a time. ;)